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The Chicagoland Theatre Fund is now seeking actors for Geoffrey's Naufft's  NEXT FALL. Union and Non-Union may submit. 


Video submissions should include a 1 min monologue. The subject line should read "Next Fall - Last Name, First Name". Headshot and resume should be included in the email. Only local actors should apply or actors with means of local housing. 

If there is further interest, you will be sent sides for a call on August 10 at 10 am. The location will be in St. Charles, IL. The exact location is TBD.

COMPENSATION: Per performance and per rehearsal stipend. Limited tentatively CAT 3 contracts available. 

DATES: Rehearsals (3.7.22-3.18.22). Performances (3.18.22-4.22.22).

All ages/genders/races considered for all roles. 



A substitute teacher. In a five-year relationship with Luke. Luke has been floundering with his career. Has no religious beliefs and can't understand Luke's Christian affiliations.

An aspiring actor. In a relationship with Adam. Although he loves Adam, they are divided when it comes to religious beliefs.


A candle shop owner. She used to employ Adam and then employs Luke. She is a very good friend to Adam and has developed a definite bond with him and Luke.


A property developer. Brandon used to date Luke. He is quite successful and doesn't really agree with Luke and Adam's relationship.


A divorcee. Arlene is Luke's birth mother. She is divorced from Luke's father, has drug issues, and struggles with her "role" as mother to Luke. She is a definite "free spirit."


A businessman. Butch is Luke's father. He is homophobic. Divorced Arlene 20 years ago, though they have remained friendly. He has remarried and has another son named Ben. Clings to the Bible. Often throws his weight around.

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