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The Chicagoland Theatre Fund is now seeking comedic character actors that can sing. Union and Non-Union may submit. Currently accepting video submissions for a parody-filled family-friendly production of Sleeping Beauty. Videos should be submitted to by July 15, 2021.


Video submissions should include 16 bars of any styled music (preferably comedic in nature) and 1 min comedic monologue. The subject line should read "Sleeping Beauty - Last Name, First Name". Headshot and resume should be included in the email. Only local actors should apply or actors with means of local housing. 

If there is further interest, you will be sent sides for a call on August 9 at 10 am. The location will be in St. Charles, IL. The exact location is TBD.

COMPENSATION: Per performance and per rehearsal stipend. Limited tentatively CAT 3 contracts available. 

DATES: Rehearsals (11.7.22-11.18.22). Weekend only performances (11.19.22-12.22.22).


All ages/genders/races considered for all roles. 



Brave, but actually total chicken. Dorky, sincere, and naive. Madly in love. 

Princess: Madly in love. Less than intelligent 

The Beast:

 Once a party animal. Now just an animal. Juvenile.

Snow White:

Waiting for prince to rescue her from chore-filled dwarf-infested household.

Puss N Boots:

Furry, feline hero. 


Headless but happy to help.

Evil Fairy:

Bitter and dramatic. Upset for not being invited to Rose's party.


Slightly hunched and dim-witted henchman

Good Witch:

Western-styled, gospel-preaching witch.

Fairy Godfather:

Marlon Brando being your fairy godmother.


Overprotective of his daughter. Condescending to his wife. Bumbling. 


Kind-hearted but ditsy, but also has rage issues.

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